The tent boasts entry from any side, giving you 360 access and view. The roof of the BunduTop is a raw aluminium sheet to ensure maximum heat reflection and is the main reason you can sleep comfortably cool inside, even in direct sun-light. The frame built into the bottom of the tent provides additional strength and makes it versatile to mount. It can be bolted directly to your load bars or roof rack. The tent has been tested extensively in various locations and weather types.


Our BunduAnnex (Added Room) follows the same product guidelines – ease of use.

It offers a private entry to your tent and keeps off the rain.

It has openings on each side at the top which due to it’s nature cannot be permanently closed.

The side panel used to enclose it is a basic design that offers privacy and ventilation.

It was also designed to be easy to use and remove and does not offer any luxurious trimmings, but rather a straightforward design with utility in mind.

The BunduAnnex comes in a standard size and a custom size for longer BunduTops.

PLEASE NOTE however that it can’t be manufactured smaller than our standard size.

What is included?

  • 1 x Long Rope Guide Extrusion
  • 2 x Short Rope Guide Extrusion
  • 2 x Rods
  • 1 x Round Tube
  • 1 x BunduAnnex Roof
  • Side Panel Optional


From $720

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